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Waxing Moon Phase

The moon has four different phases. Each one releases a different energy to the world, and provides with varied blessings. Which phase of the moon you currently find yourself under determines which rituals to perform. It also tells you which stones to charge and which stones to cleanse.

The waxing Moon

This phase happens right after the new moon. As the moon gains in size and light, so does its energy. This is the moons journey to a full moon. Where all energy is at its peak. During the waxing moon, the energy is that of manifestation and intention.

Everything you set in motion during the new beginnings of the new moon will go into play during this phase. The rituals performed during this time are those of prosperity and abundance.

This is the ideal time to charge any stones of that nature. Like malachite, citrine, and ruby. The key to making the most of this time is to focus on the specific wealth and abundance that you want to manifest.

The waxing moon lasts about 14 days. This time has an energy full of opportunity and excitement. This is the time where you want to put forward all the plans you create during the new moon phase.

In order to make the most out of the abundance rituals that you will perform during this time, you need to plan ahead. When it comes to manifestation, you need to be as specific and absolute as possible. Manifesting a thought is not easy when it is as broad as “I am going to get a good job.” You need to be specific: “I am going to get the job at _____ company.”

The energy of the moon, and of the universe both respond better to specific thoughts than they do to broad ones. Making manifesting the thoughts a lot easier when they are specific, and absolute.

The waxing moon is a time of abundance and prosperity.