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Waning Moon Phase

The moon has four different phases. Each one releases a different energy to the world, and provides with varied blessings. Which phase of the moon you currently find yourself under determines which rituals to perform. It also tells you which stones to charge and which stones to cleanse.

The Waning Moon

Right after the full moon comes to pass, the light begins to be less noticeable. The moon will slowly lose in size as it begins its transition back to the new moon. The energy of the waning moon is ideal for cleansing.

We can use this time to remove the energies that no longer serve our purposes. The energies that were left behind by toxic relationships which are no longer there. Or the negative and limiting energies of clinging to the past.

This is the perfect time to prepare for the new moon. And the new beginnings it will bring. Using the waning moon as a time of peace and relaxation is a great way to cleanse the negative energies stored within you or your stones.

The waning moon is a time to regroup, rest and recharge. Any stones which vibrate love and harmony are ideal during this time. Since they can help you rest and become ready for the upcoming new moon.

Prepare all the rituals you want to perform during the new moon now. It will make it a lot easier to have a successful start to the new moon cycle if you do so.

During the waning moon, you should take care of yourself. Make sure you are full of energy from the full moon. And are using it properly. It makes a big difference in the results you will get from upcoming rituals.

The waning moon is a time of healing and preparation. Take a step back and care for yourself