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The New Moon Phase

The moon has four different phases. Each one releases a different energy to the world, and provides with varied blessings. Which phase of the moon you currently find yourself under determines which rituals to perform. It also tells you which stones to charge and which stones to cleanse.

The new moon

During this phase, the moon is preparing for a new cycle. Which means you should too. The new moon is all about new beginnings and rebirth. If you have a big change you want to make in your life, this is the time to start. The energy of the new moon is ideal to undertake new challenges and trials.

This is also the ideal time to perform any ritual of healing and blessing. Since the moons energy is all about new in this phase, you will find that a new body is not outside of your reach. Neither is a new thought process, and a new energy within you.

Letting go of the past is best done during this phase. The moon will fill you with peace and harmony. Allowing you to move onto new things in life. There is an explosion of creativity during this period of time. Meaning new ideas are always on the rise.

The new moon is the best time to discern our innermost desires. It is the perfect opportunity to set the course right for them to be manifested naturally. The rituals performed during this time will be the most likely to manifest in your life.

Whenever you have the intention to manifest something in your life, be it a material being or a spiritual one. Begin during a new moon. The energy will help you manifest them in the best way possible for you.

The new moon is a time of new beginnings.