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The Full Moon Phase

The moon has four different phases. Each one releases a different energy to the world, and provides with varied blessings. Which phase of the moon you currently find yourself under determines which rituals to perform. It also tells you which stones to charge and which stones to cleanse.

The full Moon

This is the time when the moon’s energy is at its highest point. With it being full in size, full of light, and full of energy, the moon has enough to spare. This is the perfect time to clean all of your crystals and stone, and purify them.

The energy of the moon in this phase helps release all the stored up and condensed energy within us, and our stones. Opening up the channels for the free and powerful flow of energy.

This is the ideal time to perform rituals of protection for you and your loved ones. During this phase, the moon’s crystalline energy enhances your own. Allowing you to perform better than usual in your daily tasks.

Take the time to bask in the glory of the full moon. It does not come often. But when it does, it helps create a powerful atmosphere on earth. Take advantage of this.

The full moon is a time of gratitude. Be grateful for anything and everything you were able to accomplish from the time of the new moon, through the waxing moon, all the way to the full moon.

Be mindful of everything you have, everything you have done. Pat yourself in the back for your achievements and be grateful you have the ability to do them. Open your heart and feel the connections you have to all those around you.

The new moon is a time to become full once again. And make the most out of life.