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Guide to stones and how to use them

Guide to stones and how to use them with the energy of the moon

For over two thousand years, human civilizations have used the power of crystals. They have been used to release mental blockages, heal physical ailments, and clearing the spiritual paths. This makes it so the body is able to be healthy and have energy flowing through it properly.

On a cellular level, our bodies are composed of the same mineral as crystals. Silicon-dioxide. This is why we are receptive to the natural vibrations the crystals transmit. The energy that crystals store and later emit is very similar to our own. When they are placed on the human body, crystals have a powerful vibration. This makes the energy of the crystal surge to you.

According to physical science, “Thoughts direct energy, and energy follows thought.”

Each type of crystal serves a different connection of our mind and our body. Knowing which crystal is yours comes down to intuition. It is believed that crystals choose the owner, and not the other way around. When you visit a crystal store, follow the energy. Your crystal will choose you.

Below you can find a guide to the most popular crystals around:

Abalone shell

The shell provides protection for the abalone. And it will provide protection for you too. It will shield you from negative waves. Abalone shells are all about protection and compassion. With this stone, you will fill at peace. Full of its energy and surrounded by its protection.


The stone of stability. Agate will provide your life with balance and equilibrium. If you ever feel like your life is out of your control, this is the stone for you. It will help you build upon your strengths while covering your weaknesses. Agate brings harmony to the spirit


The stone of cleansing. This stone will help restore your spirit to its natural state if you ever find it polluted by negative vibrations in life. Amazonite will help you eliminate self-doubt. It will allow you to let go of the pain that the past brings and move on forward with life.


A stone for relaxation. Amethyst carries the same properties as the energy you would find at a spa. This stone is ideal to help alleviate the stress cause by your day to day trials. Amethyst will help you relax and sleep. Helping restore peace and balance to your life.


This stone will guide you to closure. Major life changes are best confronted with aquamarine next to you. This stone washes away all the stress and uncertainty that come along with big events in life. Aquamarine protects the mind and body from the negative effects of stress.

Clear quartz

One of the most popular stones. Quartz illuminates the spirit and brings clarity to the mind. Quartz has one of the strongest resonance waves with the body. Making it one of the most recognizable stones. It links to all chakras to provide healing for the body and mind.



A stone which always brings good luck. It connects to the third eye chakra to awaken new perspectives within you. Jade opens up your connection to prosperity and abundance. It stills a sense of purity and peace within the mind.

Lapiz Lazuli

The vibrations within this stone awaken the potential for growth within us. With the wisdom and awareness this stone brings, you will be able to face new challenges with certainty and confidence. This is a powerful stone to expand your knowledge.


The stone of advice. Malachite cleanses your chakras to allow you to freshen up and develop new and more meaningful relationships. It is a powerful transformational crystal for the heart. It gives you spiritual balance and the courage to take action.


This crystal is one of tenderness. It brings loved ones closer together. This stone brings you closer to your feminine side. As the name implies, this stone is closely attuned to the power of the moon. The moonstone is your guide to a better, healthier life.

Tiger’s eye

This is the stone of primal power. It is able to give its user focus and a new refreshed view of things. This is the ideal stone to gain clarity in your life. Specially in the tough situations. Where it will grant you the strength of a tiger to vanquish your foes.



These stones can all be used with the power of the moon. Different phases are meant for different activities. Like the waning moon meaning charging your stone, and the new one means emptying it.