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Harnessing the power of the moon

How to harness the power of the moon

Our focus here, on the moonlit-path, is to guide you on the path to using the power of the moon to manifest your dream life. This is what this post is about, harnessing the power of the moon to create something special.

As you can learn in our homepage. Each phase of the moon has a different energy, and meaning to it. Knowing this information is crucial to taking advantage of the power of the moon. Before trying to harness the power of the moon, make sure you know what each of the different phases represents.

Once you have an understanding of each individual phase, you can carry on to making the most out of it, and thus, harnessing the power of the moon in your life.

First, you need to be prepared for the upcoming phase. Before the time for it even comes, you need to make sure you have your stones and rituals prepared, and your time set aside. Knowing exactly when you are going to do what is crucial to a successful time using the energy of the moon.

Second, you need to be open to its power. The moon is a powerful celestial body, which is ready to lend you its aid in life. You need to make sure your energy channels are open to receive and house the energy of the moon when you are performing your rituals and charging your stones.

A good chakra cleanse is recommended before the time for each phase of the moon comes. This way, you will be prepared.

Finally, you need a location where you will perform these rituals and charge the stones. An isolated and high place is recommended. The less artificial light around you the better. Remember the energy of the moon comes through the light it reflects. Make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with any energy on its way to you.

Always perform your rituals in a safe place. Be accompanied at all times and make sure everyone is doing their part to keep the experience safe for everyone.